EP10: Financial Freedom Through Subconscious Healing with Scott Robinson

EP10: Financial Freedom Through Subconscious Healing with Scott Robinson

Join us in this enlightening episode of our podcast as we dive deep with Scott Robinson into the transformative power of holistic healing in achieving financial freedom. Discover how the intertwined paths of mental well-being and subconscious programming pave the way to financial success.

About Scott Robinson:

As a Senior Lecturer at the Academy of Applied Movement Neurology, Scott Robinson is more than just a distinguished business owner. He’s a beacon of knowledge in the realms of the mind, brain, and nervous system. In this episode, he shares his unique insights into the subtle energetic anatomy and how to achieve balance in life’s intricate tapestry.

Discover how Scott’s holistic approach integrates diverse healing paradigms to optimize nervous system function, elevate subconscious programs, and empower individuals to align with their true purpose. From personalized sessions to soul-enriching retreats and enlightening courses, Scott’s work is a testament to his dedication to healing and scientific understanding.

Recognized by the Complementary Medical Association, Scott’s roles as a brain enhancer, Master Healer, and conscious business facilitator set him apart. Today, we journey with him as he decodes the secrets to aligning the mind, body, and spirit, pushing us towards our peak potential.

Victor Lagos: 0:03 Welcome to the Debt to Financial Freedom podcast. I'm your host Victor Lagos, and the founder of Lagos Financial. I've been in the finance and lending industry for16 years, and I've personally made financial mistakes and learn from them. I started this podcast to share stories and lessons on my own journey, and to share insights that may help others on their journey. And I interviewed people that I've connected with that share the same values and mission to help others create financial freedom.My goal this podcast is to share raw, honest, transparent and helpful stories that you can relate to and inspires you to take control of your finances and only have debt that brings you closer to financial freedom.Everything on this podcast is general in nature, and for education purposes only. None of your personal objectives,financial situation or needs have been taken into consideration. I highly recommend you seek personal financial, legal taxation and credit advice before you take any action on what has been heard on this podcast. Welcome to Episode 10 of the debt to financial freedom podcast. I am your host, Victor Lagos. I am also the founder of Lagos financial, which is a residential and commercial finance brokerage. Today, I've got a different type of episode.Usually I bring on people got a background in property, property investors, they business owners,Scott Robinson is a business owner. But he's also much more than that. And I'm going to do a little intro here. And I'm going to read it out. But I think it's it'll give you a good understanding of what he does.And and you start to understand why he's on the show today. So Scott is a Senior Lecturer with the Academy of applied movement,neurology, a Master Healer, and a mind aligned with both truth and limitlessness. Scott works directly with the mind with the brain and the nervous system, as well as the subtle energetic anatomy to achieve balance not only in the governing systems of the body, but across the whole experience of life via integration, multiple healing by the integration of multiple healing paradigms into a single holistic approach aimed at optimizing nervous system function. As well as upgrading subconscious programs of the mind. Scott's work aligns the mind with the core truth of the individuals being and purpose as well as aligning the nervous system in such a way as to meet with the requirements of any individual accessing their very best life. Scotch is healing wisdom, truth and scientific understanding towards accessing one's greatest health, very best life and true limitless capabilities via one to one and group healing experiences,courses, retreats, podcasts, and presentations. He is a fellow at the complimentary Medical Association, a senior lecturer at the Academy of applied movement, neurology, a brain enhancer, a Master Healer, and a conscious business facilitator.What an intro, Scott Robinson: 3:18 I think that covers everything. So Victor Lagos: 3:21 awesome. Awesome. Scott Robinson: 3:21 Thank you for having me, Victor, it's really great to be here. And if everyone's followed along that,that through that very wordy intro of mine, we could probably just simplify it down into really what I do is, it's your brain and your mind that govern every experience that you ever have. So brain and mind are literally running the entire show. So there's kind of nothing that we can't affect, there's no area of life that we can't profoundly affect. So really all I do is just help get the algae out of the way so you can get on with living your very best life.That's it, whether it's health,whether it's finance, whether it's physicality, get the algae out of the way get on with being the very best selves, live your best life. That's what we do. Victor Lagos: 4:00 And this is why it's such an important time to have you on because right now in the financial world, many people are going through some challenges. Inflation, the cost of living, interest rate rises.You know, the reasons that and people living in Sydney is that the the affordable housing costs has hit around 60% of 60 to 65%of after tax household income is going towards their mortgage.That's crazy, that they're not left with much money to live.They're cutting back on just the simple things in life. And this can really have an effect on on your mind on your emotions and your relationships. And now's the time where we really need to sort of become the driver of our of our of our life and take control of our emotions. I guess not when I say control, it's not about forcing it. It's a lot of time it is about letting go and You know, when it comes to financial freedom, which is the basis of this podcast, this is money psychology that we would really wanted to talk about because this this childhood programming that people go through this traumas or emotions, self worth, belief systems, patterns, you know, the whole bunch of different stuff,and I wanted to get your take on it and how you would explain it in a way for the listeners to really understand about their old self versus their new self,like you mentioned, and how, you know, what are some strategies just Firstly, to become aware,and some, I guess, some different ways that they can improve on that and sort of become their best selves? Scott Robinson: 5:44 Yeah. So look,the first thing to slow down and understand is, you want to go to what's true, whatever is going to be true, like the truth, it sounds very, very cliche. But funnily enough, it turns out,it's actually true, is true city free solves all your problems,right, the guide to truth is peace. So when you're looking to make choices, and you're looking for gardens, and you know, where do I have I need to behave? What choices do I need to make?What's one of my strategies?Which way? Am I going to direct things? How am I going to go and how we're going to get out of this, this challenge that I'm in, it's the choices that bring your pace. And you'll choose what you're given a value to,when we talk about money,psychology is the same across every spectrum of life, the mind will always choose for whatever you've given importance to. So whenever you've given importance to whatever you've made valuable, whether that's conscious or unconscious, the minds just going to choose for that, right. And if you look at the way society works, well,there's a real value, there's a virtue placed on hard work and effort and suffering. People see, there's a limiting belief that it's nothing, nothing's worthwhile, unless it's hard work unless it doesn't, unless it doesn't come easy. And so I've really had to work and suffer for it. And if you hold that belief, we will absolutely make that true. Yeah, this is the thing for people to understand is you have no idea how powerful your mind is, you have no idea how much you make the world. And when you begin to just step into that space and look at that and begin to appreciate that well, then it's those beliefs that are held in the subconscious mind, which write the programs, which then expresses behaviors and choices and perceptions. Remember,everything you experience is your perception is this the message I'm always trying to get across to people is, there's you don't experience anything outside of your own mind. The entire worldview happens inside your mind, because everything you experience is your perception, you're generating that perception from inside. So if you are if you're making your choices based on a belief and a value held in hard work and suffering, you'll make that your reality, you know, and if you hold a belief that there is an effortless piece that can come and you can choose for that you can actually choose right, if I place a value on peace, peace takes me to truth, truth is going to set me free, whatever that actually looks like. If you can begin to make choices towards peace, you'll find that things start to become a little bit more a little bit easier,you'll find ease, and then you can just keep following down that path eventually it can open up in effortlessness effortlessness might not seem apparent initially, but there will, there will be choices for peace. Absolutely. So that's something that we can all really pay attention to. Simple, simple choices, and it's just just, it really comes down to a worldview, how you view the world. And if you're prepared to allow yourself to choose for that effortlessness, you can have it. Victor Lagos: 8:22 I really love that, because, you know, we had a session a couple of months ago, and it was literally that it was around peace, and finding peace within and choosing peace and putting an importance on that. And your mind starts to focus on what what you know,where your intention is going,and where your attention and your intention. And however,this is saying, which is Old habits die hard. Right. And, you know, there's a lot of, I guess,beliefs that we hold in the subconscious, that if you're not consciously aware of putting your attention intention on on pace, or effortlessness, or just, you know, getting out of the state of mind that you're in, the old self seems to keep coming back. And if you can share a little bit around this,because I've heard the saying,as well, which is, you know,neurons that fire together, wire together. And so essentially,you're breaking breaking apart old neurons that have got like,a lot of structure behind them with a with a new truth,although, I guess the real truth, but the energy or the or the, I guess the synaptic connections are not as strong.So is this word something like visualization, or affirmations?Or just, you know, creating habits that sort of reinforce this truth is going to set you free? Or is there more to it? Scott Robinson: 9:52 Yeah. Look, I think the thing to recognize is,there's always more. So this is one of the first things that I learned when dying in Europe.EEG is just more, there's always more to it, you can always dive deeper and more can unfold. And if you just keep diving deeper,asking the right questions, it gets easier. Now, our whole society is wrapped up in conscious will and conscious action. And so if you look at if you look at the science and the way that our society sees things these days is a scientific paradigm, you know, in psychology believes really that habit change is the most powerful thing we can do. If you can change a habit in here, this said all the time, you know,first you change your habits,and then your habits change you,you become your habit, you become your new habits, that's really slow and really hard.It's a hard path and exactly what you're describing, it's one of the reasons that people feel really stuck with filler, they just can't overcome the old self. And there's just more,there's a much easier way to go.And you don't actually need time for this, if you're working consciously if you're working from that conscious level of mind. And a really simple way to understand it is you could say that your conscious mind our conscious thinking accounts for roughly about 5% of your total brain processing. And then the other 95 or 95% is unconscious,there's a huge amount more going on in your unconscious monitors in your conscious mind. But everything in our, in our understanding, and everything in society believes that it all the activity and all the action and all the change is going to come from this teeny tiny little 5%that we're going to go and drive and overcome and overwhelm this95%, which is all powerful. But there has to be an uphill battle, there has to be a challenging way to go. And if you look at the way that it unfolds, for most people, most people would probably agree that like, you know, it's really tough, it's tough to get past your old self. So the old self,all those patterns, they're just subconscious programs, right?That's literally it. And these subconscious programs are made from beliefs. And those beliefs are formed from what you've been given, as you said, given from your parents parental programming, they, you've downloaded them, and you've absorbed them from your culture,the belief is formed anytime you have an experience. And this is when you live in unintentionally, which is what nearly everyone's doing. When you're just going through life,learning life doing life as best you can and trying to figure it out on the fly. That's living unintentionally. And when you do that, you shift your belief system when you have experiences that are strong enough to shift the nervous system. And typically, because the brain has a negativity bias, it's going to pay way more attention to the negative stuff. And it's going to pay attention to the positive stuff. So typically, the experiences that impact you strongly enough to shift the nervous system are largely the negative ones. It's the wounds the traumas. So the beliefs that you form out of that will be protective, or there'll be limiting, you know, I can't do this, or I can't do that. Or maybe I'm not safe, I need to protect myself, I need to have defenses. And so all of that is limiting and all that's going to really slow you down, it's not that's not going to take you to your highest expression, that's just going to just leave you in a pattern where you're just trying to make the best of things, right. So this true limitless self is something else. And this is if you're going to live intentionally,well, then there's ways to go and shift your belief system and change those beliefs and put truth into the mind when you put truth into the mind. And the truth is that you're limitless,where you can begin to express that and that'll express in your choices and your behaviors and your feelings and your emotions.And so there's just there's different ways to go about that.And so when you are trying to change habits simply by overriding the programming by doing new things, new actions,but that's going to be slow.Because you've got this, as you say, neurons that fire together wire together, you have these existing circuits that are hardwired and have been running probably for decades. And to try and break that down by just trying to make new patterns that feels challenging, it feels like you're swimming upstream, you can literally imprint new beliefs into the mind. But those new beliefs will make new programs. And you can literally just dissolve the old programming and I see this done all the time. This is kind of what I do literally just see these things, just these patterns just dissolve. And then because the subconscious mind is now expressing new programming will for you to just go with the new actions that's effortless,because you're already running programs. Once you running the programs, the new habits, they just flow. That's like a little support strategy. We call them small conscious actions or tiny conscious actions. We're just gonna go and do something that aligns with what you already believe. But when you're trying to put in new habits that run contrary to what you believe at a deep level, there's resistance there. resistances is hard, it's challenging. So all we really need to do is dive into the mind and change the mind and this is the thing this is the kicker and it's just so key. It's so simple, is everything in our society believes that habit change really is that number one that go to that go to step and everybody's looking to try and change the habits. Fundamentally you cannot change the mind just by changing a habit. You can change your habit you're still that same person you know you can You can be addicted to something you can have. You can feel a pull towards something,but you got to change the habit you still feel that pull you're still that person you still want to you still believe that you are the person that does that thing that you were previously addicted to or felt a pull towards. You can just change the mind. Can't change your mind by changing a habit. You can just change the mind. It's a much faster way to go. So it's changed the mind and habits can flow. Victor Lagos: 15:04 So it's kind of like when you go straight to the subconscious, where you're holding these old beliefs, you can release them straightaway.And you can basically reprogram your, I guess, the truest self or the truest self, and then you're not fighting against the ultimate anymore becomes effortless, you start living from that truth. Is that what you're basically saying? Yeah, Scott Robinson: 15:28 and it's worth mentioning. There's no truer self, there's no dualist.There's just true. There's just what's true. And this again,this truth thing is really important. It sounds really airy fairy, but it's really important. And it's something because it's some that doesn't exist in the world. So in the world, there's 1,000,001different truths, you're allowed to have your truth, and I'm not allowed to touch it. Like you can say, Hey, listen, don't tell me that I didn't experience this thing. That's true for me, I know I was there. And you can't touch my truth because I can say something's true for me. And then he's allowed to have He's over there. And they can have theirs over there. And there's an infinite number of different truths. And you can have an unfolding truth and a partial truth and a half truth. And there's a bit of truth to this,and that, that's insanity. Like,that's chaos, that absolutely cannot work. There's one simple lesson, and it's the hardest lesson you've ever learned in your life. That which is true is true. And that which is not as not. So truth is true. That's the hardest lesson you'll ever learn in your life. And so when you find that, and this is the thing, and then instead of because once you find that we don't need to define what that is, we can just know that there has to be a truth that has to be whatever the truth in the universe is, it just is right whatever the actual real truth is. That's, that's just it. You have a level of mind that knows what that is. And you can receive guidance via those feelings of peace and effortlessness can take you towards that, right? You don't have to define it, you don't have to work it out. And so what that allows us to start getting past the conscious mind, the conscious mind, which is thinking it needs to be the one that makes the decisions. So once you allow that, once you allow that, right, there is a truth now and I won't go into that, right? I don't need to just make something up from the conscious level of mind and think, Well, this kind of feels a bit true for me, maybe I should go with that sounds better than this other pattern that I had. So instead of me being stuck financially, I said,You know what, I'm going to put in a belief that I'm abundant.Okay, sounds good. Is that what I truly need? Is that what I truly am, I just made that up,don't you, it might feel a little better than whatever I was doing when I felt stuck. But if it's not actually true,what's true sets you free, well,then this was misery, I've just shifted from one misery to another, really, I'm only just slightly better than where I was before. So we would need to step back, allow that higher level of mind, allow that high level of mind to give us some feedback,give us some guidance, so we can actually begin to make some choices towards what's actually true. So rather than trying to make the decisions in the moment, it's learn how it's learnt learn how to work with intuition. And when you talk with, we're talking about neurons that fire together and why together intuition,intuition taps you into that higher that higher field of intelligence, it's already already has the answers. And if you don't feel like you're an intuitive person, well, there are processes where you can train that there are processes where you can improve that skill. Because receiving information on that frequency,you will need to have specific sets of neurons that are designed to be able to pick up and read that information. If you've never done that before,it would make sense that you've just don't have those circuits formed yet. But when you begin to pay attention, begin to feel into your heart, begin to pay attention to those feelings that are guiding you towards your best choices, every single time that you place your attention on that level of information,you're making new synaptic connections that are specifically designed to be able to receive that information. So you can absolutely build it, you can train intuition, and then you can find yourself again,being able to make those true choices. Victor Lagos: 18:44 Okay? So really,for people who've never heard this before, about tapping into the higher mind, and, you know,ways to really, you know, train your intuition. What's the starting point for someone like that has never even heard of this stuff? Scott Robinson: 18:59 First step is awareness, very difficult to change, change the things that you have no awareness of. So just actually stepping back and allowing the awareness that Oh,hang on. Maybe there's another way to do this. Okay, that opens the door for more straightaway.Okay. So this is the thing because I get this all the time with people when we're saying,Okay, if you want to change anything in your life, true change and take yourself to whatever's highest, whatever is best. The first thing you need is acceptance. The way you're gonna get to acceptance is to make no judgment, the way you're going to make no judgement is make no decisions, right?Because you're dealing with perception. You and I everyone in physicality. We're not designed to be able to have all the information, right? There's no end to the information field like you and I were sitting here in this room having a having a nice chat. And what gives meaning to this situation, what allows us to understand exactly whatever it is that we're doing here right now, and we're both sitting here, you know, there's not much else happening in the room. We've got intent that we want to help people. So you would think We should be able to judge this, we should be able to say this is a good thing, we should be able to say we know what we're doing. But what gives meaning to this is all the information in the information field, the entire information field around this event around the situation that we're doing.And there's no end, there's no boundary, there's no border to the information field. So the information field just keeps going on infinitely, which means that somehow we're connected to everything on some level. And you just need to allow that into your awareness, we don't need to, we don't need to be able to define it, we don't need to have a picture of it in mind, we just want to accept that we don't have all the information, right.So without, without all the information, we couldn't possibly make a true decision,we couldn't possibly know what's truly right, what's truly happening. So once you allow that in, you recognize Okay, so my perception is limited. I can only perceive that which falls inside my cone of perception and my perceptual range. And if you're not sure what that means,or what that looks like, think in terms of the visible spectrum of light accounts for roughly 1%of what's out there. So, based on 1%, that's what you're seeing, you're absolutely convinced you know what's going on, you're absolutely convinced,you know what reality is? It's like, No, we're saying 1%. So we don't have all the information pretty tough to make a real a true decision about what's going on. So when we step back and say, Okay, I don't have all the information. So that means I can't make a decision. That means I can't judge this as good or bad. If I can't judge it, as soon as there's no judgement,eat instantly, all things become equally acceptable, because you just you can't judge. Now, when things are equally acceptable.Now, I'm no longer determining reality. I'm no longer in a bad financial situation saying this is bad. Because my mind is infinitely powerful. If I've judged the situation and said,This is bad. I've just determined what reality is. I've just decided that reality is bad that this situation is bad. Now I've got something more to overcome, because I decided I made a decision. Does that? Does that make sense? Victor Lagos: 21:50 Yeah. So it's like the information field is always going on all around you. It's infinite. And at some point, you decide that that particular piece of information is true for me in this moment, but it that's your decision. And if that truth that you believe is true, is limiting. It's not the actual truth. It's, it's not true.You've just convinced yourself that it is in that moment. So it's like you have to be aware that that's an information in the information field that you've just pulled pulled out of that. And it could be unconscious, it probably is because 95% it yourself is, is unconscious, but then you become aware of that, and then make a decision that that's, that's that's not me. That's not what how I want to live. It's not who I actually am. And then you kind of just let it go, right? Scott Robinson: 22:41 Yeah, well,you're only ever perceiving fragments, right. And the brain,the brain is the greatest virtual virtual reality machine in the known universe. Once you begin to place your attention on something, we need to make it real. You think the way the brain works, as soon as you see a shadowy figure, you know, in a dream, or you see a shadowy figure in your model, you just see any kind of image in your mind, that doesn't quite make sense. You need your mind will start latching on to something you might not start working overtime, trying to make sense of that image, right. And you'll turn it into a picture, the only way you can turn that into a picture is to dive into your data bank of memory and experience and see if you can find something or a combination of things that look similar, and then you'll make that picture.Right, so you're only ever perceiving fragments, because you're only your perception, it doesn't cover all the information. And if you don't immediately recognize what's there, then you will make a picture out of the sensory stimuli out of those fragments that you've perceived. Right? So the way I describe it to people,it's like saying imagine, all the information in the information field is like having a one quadrillion piece, jigsaw puzzle, all just jumbled out in front of you. And that's all the information, there's one quadrillion pieces, but out of those one quadrillion pieces,you can perceive, you can see somewhere in the order of magnitude of 1020 pieces. Right now, based on those 10 or 20pieces, you're going to shape that into a picture, you're going to make it look like something, right. And you'll depending on what's in your mind, you'll make it look good,or you make it look bad, and make it look something like it's favorable or something that looks pretty horrible. Like you'll turn it into something,and then you'll respond to that.It's not the whole picture. It's not the whole information, but it's just become your reality.And you're now responding to your interpretation. And that's the way the mind works. You are never ever responding to facts.You're never responding to that entire information field. You're only ever responding to your interpretation of what you believe is there. And the instant that you recognize that,then that takes your emotional responses away takes those emotional and defensive reactions away. As soon as you do that stress begins to drop instantly. When you when the brain becomes stressed, you are less intelligent. So you could be dealing with a really challenging financial situation.If you judge that as bad and then you have the associated stress response because that's your interpretation. This is a bad situation. I'm in trouble.You start experiencing stress,you're less you're less intelligent instantly instantly the brain starts shunting blood from the prefrontal cortex back to the brainstem and you're making more Survival based decisions from a lower level of mind, right? And then you problems feel bigger, they feel more insurmountable, it feels more challenging to try and get out of that out of that situation. If you can step back and just recognize, I'm not actually responding to facts,I'm just, this is my interpretation. Okay? All right,what's the truth, so I make no decision, what's the actual truth. And then peace is the God of truth, the choices for peace can come into my awareness. So that's like we said, awareness is that first step, as soon as I do that, I'm now placing my awareness on the fact that there must be a choice for peace somewhere, then I can find it.Previously, I might not have been able to see it. Because if I didn't have a belief in it,but didn't have an awareness of it, well, I won't have had the perception that would allow me to perceive it. So the whole situation just continues to feel bad. And that is you determining your own reality, you made it,you experienced some stimuli,you interpreted it as bad, you decided it was bad. And now because you believe it's bad,your belief system makes your perception that perception is only ever able to go out there and find the reasons why what you believe is true. So if you decided something was bad, and you now believe the situation is challenging, and tough, and you know, quite disastrous, you will make the perception and allows you to go and perceive all the reasons why that's true. But if you step back and just say,actually, you know what?Universe is perfect. I know,this works out eventually, I don't know how can't see for the most of the life of me how this works out. But I know the universe is perfect. I know it works out. Okay, can I just have the truth? Can I just say, I'll make no decisions, can I just have the truth, the choices for peace will then become begin to become available, you begin to make the perception that will allow you to see that frequency.And it's a really simple step.And instantly, you become more intelligent, because the brain becomes less stressed. So your problems usually start to you start to feel that you have options to choose and you start to see different pathways. Victor Lagos: 26:49 Yeah, well,that's, that's pretty, pretty insightful stuff. Because as you were talking, I was kind of relating to, you know, my own experiences and how I've sort of perceive certain things. And there's been times where I was exactly like that was in I was in this survival state. And when there's a saying that I like is that you can't, you can't create, solve a problem in the same state of mind that created it, which a lot of people try to do. And I've tried this in the past, where you're in that lower mind, you feel like you're in trouble and everything, you sort of, every time you sort of analyze everything around you,it feels much bigger than it actually is. And, and it's kind of like a spiral, the more attention you give it, the more the motion is stronger, and it feels more and more real. So it's harder to deny. And then when you start perceiving everything else in your life,everything seems like a problem going on, when it's actually not. But in that moment, it does feel that way. So it's like the I guess it's a matter of just Reese, like centering yourself.It's like, basically, you know,self regulating, regulating the nervous system, connecting to, I guess that that peace aspect,going into a different mind a higher mind again, and then you can kind of, you know, take a sort of zoomed out view of what's actually going on, and make a decision from from peace and from truth, rather than from that state of fear. Scott Robinson: 28:20 will use again,you can use guidance, you can use reason, you can use higher reason, and a higher reason.Again, it's not something that really readily exists in the world. So what you're talking about is like you experienced a challenging situation, like things felt financially tough,financially challenging, I then decided it was definitely bad.Now I have a belief that it's bad because I made the decision.Now I'm responding to my belief,my perception about the situation, which is just teeny tiny fragments that I organized into a picture that looks pretty bad. I'm responding to that. Now I'm having a stress response in the brain and less intelligence.So the problem that was this,this big now seems even bigger,because I've got less brain processing capacity available to be able to see my way out of it.You don't even know what the situation is actually supposed to look like. Yeah, you're just making it up from your own perception, you have no idea what the situation is even supposed to look like. So all you can decide in that moment is Is this good? Or is it bad? And do I need to exact some retribution on somebody? But really, that's all you got to decide. If you slow down and say let's go to higher reason and see exactly what I'm talking about before you say okay, I understand. I know I don't know how it works out. I don't know how or why but I know the universe is perfect. I know everything works out for everything happens for a reason.And there's nothing bad in the universe is like I know that from that higher level of mind that higher intelligence it only gives. So I know this works out for the life of me I can't see what the choices are. I don't know why or how I don't know why I'd be experiencing this but you know what, I'm prepared to make no decisions and just sit with it. Instantly. Again, like we said, you remove once you once you remove your decision, I always say your decisions are like a block in space, right?They're literally like a block.If you're determining what reality is and the instant you remove the decision you just Drop those blocks, right, and now the whole situation can change. But if you continue to make decisions about it that something is good or bad, will those blocks stay there and the situation doesn't shift. So what you were saying before was absolutely perfect. It's so true. Like once you've already decided what the situation is,you now have that reality that you've decided for, you've got that to overcome, right. And this is the thing, this is the kicker, because exactly what you're talking about, like with interest rates, and you know,the world changing and things feeling financially more challenging. It's sharing,that's you're, you're dealing with a challenging idea, you've decided something's bad. And that's your idea. It's your idea for stress, or your idea for fear or your idea for poverty,or whatever the idea is, it's your idea, you then go and express that and you share it with others, or you go and hear about other hard luck stories on the news, or you hear it on the radio, any idea that is shared is increased by sharing, it's worth it's really worth remembering, because it's so powerful and so true. And you can do that negatively or positively. But any idea that is shared is increased by sharing.So if you've got an idea that you're dealing with a really challenging financial situation,and this is going to let's call the idea for hardship, it's your idea for hardship. No thought ever leaves the mind of the thinker. Right? That's your idea. If you express your hard luck story to me, and then I go,Oh, my God, you know what, my granddad had something similar.And actually, you're right now I can actually feel the emotions for and then you see me feeling emotional, you now know that you've shared your idea with me,I've just helped you concrete that reality. Anytime it's still your idea. It's still there. But now it's here in my mind as well. And I'm, I'm reflecting that back at you via my perception looking at you and going oh, you poor thing, man, I don't know how this poor bug is gonna get out of this. Anywhere sharing occurs between mines,any level of sharing causes created, cause and effect go hand in hand. So by you sharing that, but you sharing that and you create a cause. And then you both begin to feel the effects and you feel the effects of stress almost instantaneously,right? And then we agree on them. This is really definitely bad, because I can feel it. I can feel it in my gut, yes, no,this wow, this is bad. Okay,share that across an entire population. Man, you've got some big decisions. Now you got a really challenging reality to try and overcome. So the first thing you want to do is just step back, if you find yourself in a situation that is not the one that you envisage, is not the one that you wanted for financially or otherwise, health wise, or any, any kind of condition. First thing is become solid in your thought system,become solid, about just finding peace become solid. And understanding that things do actually work out become solid,about the vision that you want,how you want things to actually unfold, right? Once you become clear and coherent in that, and you're just consistent in that and you're choosing for that.Great, don't share that with others. But rather than going share your hard luck story with others, and then increase that reality, you can literally increase the reality of peace,you don't have to go and make something up and say, tell people that everything's amazing and wonderful when it doesn't feel that way. But you can literally just slow down, remove the decisions, even if you find the tiniest little snippets of piece, go and share that because you'll increase that. And then when you increase that piece,you have less stress you can then you're going to have greater brain processing capacity, you're going to see more options, right? Really simple way to go. Victor Lagos: 33:14 Yeah, I love that.So it's like, because automatically as, as, as human beings, we love to connect with others. And we're looking, you know, unfortunately, a lot of people when they're in that state of mind, they're looking for reassurance to reinforce the feeling of being a victim. So then they'll connect with other people and share that and not realize that, like you said that making that more concrete than now spreading that. Now someone else is feeling that, and reinforcing that belief within you. They do it somewhere else.And now you're spreading fear problems is bigger and bigger and gets bigger and bigger.Yeah. Where it's like no, no,before you go out and start sharing that rear lot, realign yourself with truth, get into peace. And then when you're there, you obviously, you're not going to be sharing fear because you're not feeling it. And then you making a conscious decision to share those moments of peace when you have them. Scott Robinson: 34:10 When you say where your attention goes, your energy flows, and neural connection grows. So it's like if you place your attention on fear, well, that's your attention, your energy is going to that. And then you're going to build neural connections around perceiving more fear. If you however small, however miniscule, if you can perceive any level of peace, take your attention there, that's a choice. Take your attention to where the pieces, your energy goes there instantly, you're going to make it bigger, you're going to make it appear bigger in your visual field or in your perceptual range. That exactly use the brain harness the power of the brain exactly the way you know that it works. You know that your brain can't look at something it doesn't understand and not make a picture out of it. So go look at this piece thing, however small it is.Allow your brain to go make a picture out of that it'll find you will start to manifest all the reasons why that is real and why that is true. And every time you're looking at it. You're making new neural connections because you're driving Energy there, you make a new neural connections around perceiving this frequency of peace. It's really simple. And exactly what you're saying about when people try and share, you need to just appreciate the way you're sharing and the way that you're interacting with others. Because exactly right, like you say,people want to go and be there for others and have connection.But you want to do that in a true sense. You don't need to go and share misery, misery loves company. So if you've experienced experiencing misery,the first thing you wanna do is go and share that with others.And then if they buy into it,and believe it will, then you'll just increase the amount of misery that's there. Now, I'm not saying that you don't have that you have to just shut up and never speak about it. But what you want to feel empathy for, you want to use empathy,truly. And so when we're talking about this high level of mine,there's infinite intelligence that permeates the entire system, the true self is perfect. The universe is perfect, true self is perfect,that true self is limitless,right? If there's an infinite field of intelligence, which there is, and quantum science is all is all of this, and like now, we're starting to unfold this and have more of an awareness of it. But there's an infinite intelligence which exists, and you have a level of mind that's connected to it.Well, that would mean if you're connected to that you are a genius, you have this limitless intelligence within you, and you have access to that you may not have trained it, you may not have ever paid attention to it,you might not know how to consciously do that right now.But it's available. Right? That would make you a genius, right?That means you are a limitless genius. Now, that that's the truth of self, you're limitless,you're perfect, you're you are this limitless genius. How could it be and to empathize is to identify with. So if you look at the way that humanity uses empathy, we use it really untruly will use empathy, to empathize with things that we are truly not. So the truth is,you are love, you are free,you're abundant, you're limitless, you're a genius,you're all the things, you're infinitely powerful, you have all of these things available to you. And that is the truth of what you are at the deepest of levels. But the way we see being helpful is our that person's feeling sad, you know what I bet if I go and feel the sadness with them, then I can be helpful. Well, if the true self is perfect, we can't come out of the joy that's eternal within you. Right? That's within you.And this is this is just at a deep level of just deep truth.If the true self is always peaceful, always perfect, always abundant, always loving, always free, which it is. But that's an eternal things do not change.This is again, deepest levels of self, most things don't change.That's what you truly are at your core, right? To identify with something that you're not to identify with sadness,identify with weakness, identify with pain, identify with suffering, that's identifying with something that you're not so going and holding empathy for something that you're not couldn't be truly helpful, you'd have to give up all that, that limitless intelligence, you'd have to give up all of that limitless joy and peace that's in you, you'd have to give that up first. So you could go and feel the sadness of your friend.And then once you've given up all your ability and power to help and you feeling the truce and the sadness of your friend,then you say, Hey, I get it.Now. We're both crying together.How can I be helpful? And you can't, all you've done is you've just increased, you've just increased the sadness. Yeah,right. And so yes, that person feels supported. Wonderful. But now that reality seems more concrete, yeah. Right. So you don't have to reject that by any stretch. It's not what we're saying is you would just feel empathy for these true characteristics, you feel empathy, for the joy that's in you, the piece that's in you that limitless is intelligence that's in you. Because if you feel empathy for that, and you identify with that, when you offer a vision of that, you offer some level of connection to that to this person who's looking for help. Right. So when we talk about feeling empathy,like people are dealing with,with challenging situations,rather than try and dive into going, poor thing, like, I don't know how that I don't know how this is gonna work out, this seems really tough. Well, you can give love to that you can give love and you can give support, wonderful, but you don't have to feel those emotions, you know, and however it is that you managed to stay connected to that high level of mine that which is true, which you again, the gods do, which will be paste the gods which will be ease, just staying in that emotional state, that's gonna be so much more helpful.Even if you've never looked at this stuff, never thought of it before. Just staying peaceful and staying peaceful and staying in that state of effortlessness that state of ease as best you can, is going to be so much more helpful because you offer on some level to that subconscious mind in front of you, you're offering them a path towards finding this, like you're showing them an example. And mirror neurons fire, once mirror neurons start firing that system on a subconscious level is literally trying to mimic this system. Right. So if you give,if you give an example of something higher, you're offering a lifeline, you're offering a lifeline for them to find a way out. Victor Lagos: 39:30 So it's, yeah,it's one of those things where everyone can relate at some point or another when someone has gone through some sort of,you know, loss, or, you know,they're in some sort of pain and they want to they want to empathize and you're right. They want to feel what they feel to show them that they care. But they actually just essentially said letting go of that limitless, limitless self and reducing themselves was to do that same low level and reinforcing it. So how can someone really empathize say it's a family member, or it's a partner, and they're going through some stuff, but you're gonna say you're on a personal trajectory, and you're, you're finding peace on a daily level.And they're going, you're someone you care about is going through something and they're suffering. where that person is suffering is not going to look at you, like you have no heart because you're not hurting like they are. But you're still feeling good about life. And you know what I mean, you're not letting those emotions in? Is that something hard to navigate?Or is this also my own personal perception? Am I making that up?Or is it something that people cannot? Scott Robinson: 40:43 It's really easy, but the way it's done in the world will feel really hard?Yeah. Because people don't have answers for that. Yeah. So the first thing I always say is you just have an awareness that there's something more have an awareness that there's a there's another way of doing this as another way of looking at it.Now, the way you get free of it.And again, whether this is financial, whether it's health,whether it's physical, whether whatever it is, the way you get out of it is actually forgiveness. Now, to know what that isn't, understand that you need to understand what true forgiveness is. And so again,this is and this, I would encourage anyone is using this just to just remain open, make no decisions, just let this in.Because the way that forgiveness works in the world, I'm going to tie this back to a financial situation in a moment, but we need to understand what the forgiveness is because that's the path out. So the way the world does forgiveness is the world sees, okay, there's a wound, someone hurt me or something bad happened, it was a bad financial situation, or someone did something bad to me.In this case, if it's a bad financial situation, it's the world the world's economic situation did something bad to me. Now, it could be a wound, it could be a trauma that somebody you know, someone's been attacked, been hurt by someone,but it's like there's a word,there's a word you're dealing with. And then the way that the world sees forgiveness is you would go to the person, the situation or the thing that you see having hurt you at whatever point and you would go and you would look at that person,either face to face or via intention, because the brain doesn't know the difference between a real or imagined stimulus. So you don't have to be face to face. But you would go either intentionally or face to face, you would go and say,Hey, listen, remember that thing you did remember that bad thing that happened? You kind of cause you know, like to be thinking about the government having changed the interest rates, or the the RBA has changed things.Whoever whomever it is that you see as having done the wrong,you will be looking at them and saying, Hey, remember that bad thing you did? Like it really hurt. Like, you've really screwed me here. This is tough.So you know what, like, I just recognize me hang on to this pain and whatnot, it's no good.And I understand I want to go somewhere higher. So I'm gonna retain the evidence, like, look at it, I've still got the scar,it's right there. But I'm gonna retain the evidence. But you know what, I'm gonna be the bigger person and are the two of us, I'm gonna forgive you, right now, that can only end in tears.That's the way the world does forgiveness. And it does. It can only perpetuate suffering.That's all it can do. Right?Because number one, if we're talking about that true self,that limitless Infinite Intelligence and that true self,which is perfect will that would demand that you give up your divine rights to be perfect. And acknowledge that you got a wound and that you hurt like you can't, you couldn't possibly ever be perfect or be that true,limitless self if you're wounded and damaged. Right, so you have to give that up first. And then the second thing is it's unjustified. Like you're acknowledging that Iran was done and then you're gonna go and forgive someone for it. Like that's, that's not going to work, you're still going to know on some level and you telling them like, I've still got the scar, I'm still hurt it so they must steal it, they must have done a wrong, unjustified forgiveness is attack that maintains it wrong can be done,it maintains that I can be hurt.And it'll just happen again. And again, and again. So that perpetuates suffering. The only true way to do forgiveness is to really check in and get clear about that true self. And the true self is one with an infinite intelligence that true self is perfect, and it doesn't change, right? That true self is just something much higher. And there's always a connection to that we have that level of mind that can connect with that. So as soon as you place your eyes on that, as soon as you place your some level of attention on the fact that there's something more something more perfect,something that's in vulnerable.As soon as you place your attention on that you begin to have that you begin to remember that. So true. Forgiveness is just remembering that all these emotions that are coming from this situation that are perceived right now. That's the moment of forgetting, that's a moment of just forgetting that I am something more that there is something more available than the truth that there is this limitless in general intelligence, which just maintains perfection, always.The instant that I forgive myself for having forgot all of that will I'm taking my attention back towards it. And I'll begin to feel peace, and you literally just set yourself free. So this is the first step is literally just holding forgiveness. So your whole forgiveness for the fact that you forgot because as soon as you do that, you become something more like you're stepping into that mind that level of mind that can see the way out you're stepping into that level of mind that can find the peace in that situation.Right. So that's the first step when when you set your question was you see a family member who's suffering and they're dealing with a really challenging situation. You don't want you now where you don't want to really concrete them into any more suffering, but I don't know what how do I do this? Well, if I'm feeling hurt if I'm feeling challenged by seeing them, well, the true self can't be hurt. So the first It would be off, just forgive myself, Okay, I'm in a moment of forgetting I'm feeling some hurt, I'm feeling some stress here, I'm going to forgive myself because I've forgotten that I'm limitless. And I can't,I've clearly forgotten that.Soon as you do that, you start to feel some more peace, you can then give them the same forgiveness. It doesn't have to be out loud. But you can keep them the same forget forgiveness, because they're suffering. So it's like, okay,they obviously have forgotten that they're limitless and perfect as well. Soon as you do that, you'll find the stress of the situation comes down. And there's an amazing thing to do do this in your relationships.It's an amazing thing when your partner is saying some words to you or anyone's attacking you.And the first thing you do is just forgive yourself. Forgive yourself at Oh, hang on, that actually triggered me, right.Oh, dammit, I forgot that I'm perfect again. Okay, let's just forgive me really quickly. And you just watch the stress come down. straightaway. It's amazing. Any level of attack,any level of attack that's coming at you if you connect with your invulnerability? Well,that means you can't be hurt.That means that that attack,whatever it was, it can't do anything. If he can't hurt you,then it has no effect. So straightaway, the one who's doing the attacking ceases to be doing the attacking, because they're not actually doing anything they'd be you give them the opportunity to recognize like, Oh, this is not, this is not working. Yeah. So true forgiveness is that first step,as soon as you do that, you take the stress down, and now you can begin to see another way. And that's, that's the key,incidentally, by doing that,you're turning your attention to that limitlessness of self to wherever the connection is that connects to that limitless intelligence that does have the answers. And as soon as you do that, and again, you can start to get that intuition that like,Ah, I'm just feeling more peaceful. Okay, right. I just think, okay, I still don't understand it. My conscious mind hasn't caught up yet. But I can feel into those feelings. And I can hold my attention on those feelings. And then the reasons why I feel peaceful will begin to come into my perceptual awareness. And then my choices start to unfold. This choice now I started thinking about solutions. Because that first step, first step is forgiveness.Because you when you forgive yourself for forgetting,instantly, you become more, and now you're more capable. Victor Lagos: 47:02 Yeah. So it's like, when you you mentioned when someone else, you know, the attack is coming from somewhere else, and you remind yourself that, oh, I actually forgot that I'm limitless. So in that moment, I felt the pain I felt the suffering, I felt the misery I felt, whatever it is, and I forgive myself for forgetting.If your face a lot of the time,it's a pattern from your own past experiences, and your intent in internally attacking yourself. So it's like another side of you, which is not, it's not you. It's a pattern, right?It's a belief system. Its programming. It's, it's a past experience and your perception of that past experience. That's repeating itself, right? Because they say that, you know, things will keep repeating themselves until you learn the lesson. And the lesson is that you must forgive yourself for forgetting.And then it passes, right. And so now, you're no longer in this internal conflict. So you're not finding yourself saying, you know, I want to feel better, but you make me feel bad. This is you saying this inside this,right? And then that voice stops, and it becomes more of a supporting voice. Scott Robinson: 48:16 Yeah, just forgiveness is just this most divine perfect gift that literally gives you everything.And just the way the world does,it is just bastardize. It's just perverted into something very different that perpetuates suffering. So when you understand it truly, it's like,Ah, I don't need because again,if I'm invulnerable, that's what the true self is. If I'm invulnerable, well, then I can't be hurt. If I can't be hurt.Well, there was no harm. There's no harm. Where's the foul? Yeah.Ah, so instantly now there's that now there's no wrong that was done. When there's no wrong that was done. Or there's nothing to forgive? Ah, okay. I forgot that I was alright. It's just forgetting. I just forgot,I forgot that. And that's, it's so simple. It's such a simple way to go. Now, for anyone who's sitting out there because again,when you're in, when you when this is coming into your awareness for the first time,literally, what will be jumping into the mind into your mind will be, you know, okay, yeah,but but how but how do I do that with this situation where, you know, I don't have any money at the moment? Well, again, the first thing you need to do is come back and recognize, okay,that's not a question. Because the way you get out is what you get out of the situation, is by making an honest question. And again, honest questions are one of those things that just doesn't really exist in the world. So when you're sitting here hearing this and going,okay, forgiveness great, sounds wonderful. But what about the situation that I've got right now, that's really tough and really challenging, right? Well listen to the language and listen to the thought process.There's, there's decisions that you've made about that. So if you've decided this is bad, and this is challenging, this is hard. Nothing's going to change that because you've decided for it. So you would need to first just step back and say, okay,and I make no decisions. Just because I don't have the full picture. I don't have all the information. So what that instantly now the situation is becomes whatever this is It just is. It just is what it is. I'm not gonna say it's good. I'm not gonna say it's bad. I'm just gonna say, I don't know, I don't have all the information. And then the question is, how do I find peace? Or how do I find abundance? How do I get to what's true? How do I see the truth of what is the GIF? What's true is that the universe is perfect, or how do I say that?And you can, that's an honest question. But if I say, but hang on, how does this Okay, great.Sounds wonderful, Scott, but how? Like, how does this fix my reality? Because my reality sucks at the moment, you know,I'm dealing with some like some real hardship, that's a decision, nothing's going to overpower your decision. So we just need to be willing to step away from our decisions. First,be with whatever be with what is not saying it's good, not saying it's bad. We're just gonna say we don't have the information.And then you can ask him one last question, which is, how to find peace? How do I find freedom? How do I find joy? How do I find abundance? How do I just see the truth of what is and then things can begin to change? Does that make sense?Just have to let go the decisions first? Victor Lagos: 50:56 Yeah, it does.It's like you're, you're not making decisions while you're in the law of mind. And just even by asking you a question, like,how can I get out of this?You're already asking a question that reinforces that reality?Yep. So you don't ask that question? Scott Robinson: 51:13 Well, if you say, how do I get out of this,inherent within this is the decision that this is bad,there's something there's something not right, there's something to fix, there's something broken, right, that in itself is a decision. So again,we need to be willing to let go of that. And again, think of this that limitless intelligence and the way you're going to connect with it, think of it in terms of how the brain works. So when we say as soon as you're experiencing stress, you're less intelligent, right? So you're losing access to whatever's highest, you know, you're certainly not going to connect with infinite intelligence. At that point, you barely got access to you, your executive centers when you're really stressed. So you would need to find peace first, you would need to have no resistance. And so the condition of that real reality where that Infinite Intelligence and true self and that limitlessness of self, the condition of that reality where you can experience all of that the condition is no opposition,because reality opposes nothing.Reality just is what it is. It's forever just going to be itself.It doesn't apply. It doesn't go against anything. It just is.Right. So for you to get there.And for you to find that peace for you to get the answers you're looking for, you would first need to meet with the conditions, it would make sense that if all the answers exist in this real reality, where there's no opposition, well, there's peace there. There's effortlessness there, there's ease there, if I'm existing in stress, so there's peace, which is higher, and then I'm existing in stress, which is much lower,I'm just at this lower frequency just running around looking for answers I'm using and again, I would be that stress would be coming from the resistance, the resistance that I have to the situation saying, How do I get out of this? Like, that's me using resistance saying, I'm rejecting this to try and go somewhere else, right, somewhere else that I'm looking to get to,there's no resistance, there's just effortlessness. There's no,like, there's no opposition there. So if I'm using resistance to try and get to a place of no resistance, I'm never gonna get there. Yeah. So I would need to first be willing to just let go and say, Okay,it's just whatever it is. And how do I find the answers? How do I find peace? How do I find truth? How do I get to that? How do I get to that state of being where I have the answers, or if I, you know, I have everything that I need. Victor Lagos: 53:17 So to tie it back to financial freedom, when someone's in a, you know,they've had a feeling of scarcity, I don't have enough,not worthy of enough. You know,I've come from a poor family,you know, you know, money is the root of all evil, and all these sorts of things that people sort of attach to, they just have to really, one, remind themselves that they are limitless, and that abundance is, is real, and let go of that old feeling,because they're not giving it any more of their attention and not deciding that then making decisions from there, because that's not the truth. And that will automatically pass or do they need to go deeper and actually learn where did that stem from in at some point to let it go, Scott Robinson: 54:03 it will be what it'll be for each person will be unique and individual because your your life's experience and your culture and the programs that you've got from your parents will be unique to you.So the way that you've got your mind set up and like the the illusion of your own perceptual reality that you created will be unique and individual to you.And that's what people say, when they're saying, Well, I have my truth. I have my truth. All you're saying is like, I know what I perceive. And because my belief system is unique and individual will my perception is unique and individual. So the reality I perceive is unique and individual to me, has nothing to do with truth. I just call it my truth. Yep. Right. So what you would need to do is just recognize so that scarcity, so that comes from programs, right?There'll be something in your mind that makes you believe in loss. There is something in the mind that makes you believe that you don't have enough. Now, we need to just look at perception because again, like we said, You don't experience anything outside of your mind, right?Because everything that you experience is simply your perception. It's simply what you perceive. And you're the one that's generating that. So the whole world that you experience happens for you, it happens inside your mind. Yeah, right,we need to appreciate that, then you need to appreciate perception. Perception has one law. And let's first understand how people do it normal and how people use it. And then we'll look at the one law. So the way people use their perception is you perceive, you see things.And then when you see things,you feel things, because you respond to them, you feel emotions, you have emotional reactions. And then typically,as you just go through, you're learning the world, you literally you see things because you see something, and then you feel something that goes with it, you say, well, that's definitely true, because I saw it, I felt it. And now I learned that that was a good situation,sign, I'm gonna store that good information in memory. Or conversely, it was a bad situation, I store that to memory. And then I'm learning how to do the world via my perception, I'm using my perception exclusively, as my test for reality. That's what I'm using to test reality.That's basically what everybody does, right. And you learn the world that way. And you store all these programs to memory,all this past understanding, and then you just respond to every present moment, based on the understanding that you've got in the mind. And by the time you're about 30, to 35, you've got this whole bank of information and programs in the mind, you can just completely run unconsciously, you can just run subconscious programs. And that's largely what everybody does. And that's come through using perception completely upside down. That's completely upside down to how perception actually works. The way perception works is there's one law, one law of perception, and all other rules and laws come from this. And if you can get it, you can change everything.You can only see what you believe, right, you can only perceive what you actually believe is there in the first place place, and it's available to be perceived, you can only only perceive what you believe is actually there, right? But you only believe what you want.Which means whatever you perceive, and this is true in every situation doesn't matter how good or how joyous it doesn't matter how cruel or how random or how strange, because the perception that you experience, that's your interpretation. What you're perceiving always is an outside picture of your inner desires.Right now, that sounds really harsh, and a lot of people will immediately jump to an emotional reaction of like, you're saying,This is my fault, and you're blaming me, there's never that is never ever, ever blame.There's no wrong that you can do. There's nothing wrong that you've done, right? You want that to be the case, your ego,your lower level of mind wants you to get offended, it wants you to say you just blame me How dare you say that? You're just telling me that I'm, you know,blind my whole life? Well, your ego wants you to say that because when you have that emotional reaction, translate that translate what the ego is saying. It's saying, How dare you tell me that I'm so limitlessly powerful that I can change all of this. Because the your desires, if the your desires, you can change your desires, if what you're seeing and experiencing is an outside picture of your desires, whether your desires, they must be why you can change them, that makes you limitlessly powerful to change your whole world. So you want to let that in, you want to just allow it Okay, well, look,what I'm experiencing right now is not what I consciously want for. So there must be some dark desires in my unconscious mind that just don't line up with the conscious ones. Okay, well, how do we do that? How do we change that, and then you can set about finding those things. And so what you're looking for, is you can see the outputs, if you're experiencing hardship, if you're experiencing pain, if you're experiencing sickness, if you're experiencing loss, whatever it is, you can recognize that must be coming from from deep desires in the unconscious mind. If they don't line up with what you truly desire for well, then you know, there's some healing to be done. Sometimes they'll be forgiveness, a lot of times we'll be reaching out to ask for help from someone, but there'll be some healing work that needs to be done, you can do probably what most people do is just look towards the opposite, and try and say like, Okay, well, if feels like I'm experiencing loss, then I need to somehow put beliefs in the mind about abundance. Yeah, I would say that rarely. That's precisely what it is that you would need.Because it just always seems to be something that's unexpected,because you're dealing with a wound or some, you know, some belief that was shifted a long time previous. But you just need to look at the outputs of your life recognize, if you recognize that really what you're seeing is an output of your desires,then you just recognize you're limitlessly powerful to change your desires, and be really clear, okay, if I consciously want for joy and for peace and for freedom, well, there has to be both things are real, which they are, then they have to be available, their eternal, they have to be available in every single situation, which means there has to be a way that you can see them, there has to be a way that you can adjust your perception, you can adjust your interpretation of the situation,so that you can actually see those things. There has to be a way there always is you would need to be willing to want for it you would need to be willing to want for those things more than you want for the for the pain or the loss or the sadness,you would need it because if you want for it, well then you go looking for it. Okay, but it's the belief that makes the perception and it's the desire that that makes the belief. So again, the belief makes the perception that perception generates your x perience of reality, right, which means and this is the, this is the key,you're the cause you are the cause the world, what you're experiencing is the effect,because you can change the lens of perception that you're using in every single situation, okay?And it just, it comes down to the desire to want to choose for that. And once if you have the desire, even if you don't know how to do it yourself, will you'll seek for help. And you'll you'll find a way to do that.Yeah. Victor Lagos: 1:00:24 Well, you've,you've shared a lot, and really valuable insights. And you and I were talking before, before the show about potentially helping the listeners who want to be part of a group session, really around dealing with these old emotions, of scarcity of not feeling good enough, you know,hitting those roadblocks, you know, the desires, obviously,they're, they're listening to this podcast, because they have a desire to create financial freedom, a lot of them are in debt, and none of them are wanting to get out of debt, but you know, use it in the right way to help them to create wealth. So for those listeners,who do want to have, you know, a group session, who want to meet Scott who want to learn, and apply some of these, you know,techniques that they can do during the session, right, it's not something that you always have to take away, and it's gonna take you time and this whole idea that it has to be effort, it's not about efforts,but effortlessness. And, but you got to learn what to do,someone's gonna guide you, you know, Scott guided me, and there's still a lot more that you caught me on with. So if you are interested in doing sort of a group healing session, Scott and I are going to talk more about putting somebody together,that's really sort of tackling more around that financial freedom. And we'll see where that where that goes. What I would say is, we want to see how much interest there is first,and then we can package something up. So if you want to send an email to contact at loggers financial.com au, and just put in the subject, the brain guy, because that's,that's got so that's where people can find you. They call you the brain guy. Scott Robinson: 1:01:59 Yeah. And I think thing just to understand with that is really simple, is you can people talk about manifesting abundance and changing the programming so they can change and have, you know,have limitlessness have abundance have the freedom that they're looking for. That's wonderful, you can receive that.But if you've noticed an output in your life where you seem to be blocking it, and people talking about self sabotage is like things seem to be going well, and then just that they're just falls apart. I don't know why I don't know, how are I, I seem to make a wrong choice. And it all falls apart. It's like,this is subconscious programming, programming. And it's making you unconsciously make choices make decisions that literally, that make the subconscious belief in loss, or,you know, or scarcity that makes that belief, right, like we said, your perception can only ever go out there and find the reasons why what you believe is right. And so you'll make the choices. And sometimes that perception is you making the choices, making the decisions that undo your success, so that you can be right about the scarcity, you'll be right about the loss. So the amazing thing that I find in in those group sessions is you will be given what you truly need, you can receive that. But once you've received it, then we go to the priority illusion in the mind the priority resistance that you've set up in the mind that has you blocking the thing that you truly want. And then we'll just go and give forgiveness to that. And it's quite an amazing thing is like, you'll just get guided to something some fear from age eight, or some judgmental and some opinion of someone else who judged you as something less than age five, or six or 20, or whenever it was,but your mind will know exactly where it is your mind already has the answers. All we need to do is be able to just step back and ask the right questions, ask the right questions, the mind will just take us exactly where you need to go. And you can literally get those things out of the way. Victor Lagos: 1:03:34 Yeah, amazing.Yeah, I actually found Scott through a contact of mine,Stephen, who spoke really highly of you, you know, experienced exactly that he's going through some challenges. And you helped him get through that. I gave it a go. Same thing. And then I spoke to him recently, and he's seen you again. So it's not,there's always I guess you can get deeper and deeper, right?It's not just about doing all in one hit. It's not it's not like a sprint. But it depends on the individual because sometimes it can be just one session. Scott Robinson: 1:04:05 Yeah, well, this is the thing. So in medical terms they talk about in a spontaneous remissions because they said, using the word miracle is just uncomfortable in a medical scientific space,right. But the miracle is limitless. Nothing miracle can't do. But you can only experience as much of it as you're willing to allow. So when we talk about those decisions, we say as much as many of those decisions as were willing to allow to just get out of the way. Like, to whatever degree we're prepared to allow ourselves to flatten that landscape so that the miracle or the limitless level of mind can just come through and change things you can have.Right? And if you want to tread slowly and Go carefully, you can you know, but it's like so when people talk about layers in healing, or you know, like going back and doing a progressive approach and other progressive approach another progressive session. Yeah, that can absolutely happen. But the instant that you become willing to let it all go, you can just go leaping forward in leaps and bounds so you can change the whole world in one session. If you're willing and open, and again, there's no right or wrong to that, you know, but it's like, it's literally you'll always get be given, you might not know what you're open for.And you'll always be given what's truly right for you. So I just always say to people really when you're coming to see me,because it's brain, because it's mind, there's nothing we can affect, you are literally turning up to improve everything in your life. And you don't have to just sit on the sidelines and wait for years and years and years, and hope that's just going to happen, you can just choose like, you know what,let's go do this today. Just like you can just do that. And then that's what those group sessions were set up for their setup. Because what I noticed was the people that were coming and seeing me with any level of consistency, their lives were just taking off, and further and more and more and more and experiencing greater and greater things. So it's like, okay, if we set up some group sessions,where people can just they're more accessible, and people can just turn up whenever they choose was like, Well, whenever you choose, you can just go and improve your life. What a fantastic concept. Yeah, like, I just choose to make my life better today. Let's do that.Like, okay, that's best. That's basically what we're talking about. Victor Lagos: 1:05:57 I'm sure there's going to be listeners, now they want to connect with you. Where can they find you? Scott Robinson: 1:06:01 So I'm on Instagram and Facebook as the dot brain dot guy, or there's a website, the brandguide.co. Or,if there's all contact details via those platforms, one or you can shoot me an email, I'm really happy to answer questions or just try and help. That's,that's really all I want to do.Just I'm here to help. Victor Lagos: 1:06:17 sizing. Look,thank you so much for coming in today. It's definitely really,really appreciated, because I know you had to come across through traffic in Sydney, it's not easy. And you're just doing great work. So I just want to acknowledge you for that you've helped me and I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that can speak highly of you, you've got a lot of followers, it's a really good sign, because people are watching you. So if you do want to follow Scott, the brain guy, you'll find him on the social platforms, watch his videos. And if you can, to be part of the group session, reach out to me, if you want to do his direct group sessions, it can be any type or even one to ones you can book that through his website. Thanks again, Scott Robinson: 1:06:58 I thank you,Victor, thank you so much for having us. Thank you for just making the space to for the conversation. And to anyone who's listened this far into it,you absolutely have my gratitude. And the thing that I very often offer. And I think today is definitely one of those is if you've listened this far,wonderful, take whatever you've gotten out of it, and put that into play in your life. And I hope you get great, great value,but come back in three months or six months time after you've just been running with that new level of awareness or new programming. And listen again,because there'll be a whole other frequency of information and a whole other depth of information that you may not have been aware of. And you'll just get more get more out of it. Victor Lagos: 1:07:33 Yeah, that's great advice. Suck. When you read a book the second time around,you're noticing that you didn't notice the first time Scott Robinson: 1:07:39 Yeah, so the brain is just there's always more always more fun. Yeah.Awesome. Well, Victor Lagos: 1:07:45 if you've enjoyed that, please listen in or tune in for the next episode, and follow us on our socials. See you next time.